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God’s Plans

Cross #: 4825

Clearwater, FL
In October of 2015 my life fell apart. My best friend and mother figure passed away suddenly, leaving my faith shaken. I began using drugs and alcohol excessively. Things got bad quickly and I lost everything; my house, car , career, and my soul. I was arrested and my six year old daughter was removed from my care. I had hit a bottom. A very good friend of mine gave me this cross and with it some hope. I hit my knees and cried out to God for help. He answered in a big way! He placed people in my life that helped pull me from the darkness.
I am now an active member of a recovery ministry and have my life back. My life was over…but God had other plans.

Prayerful Friends

Cross #16.4484

Alexandria, KY

I was presented this cross from a dear friend in Florida, where I am a snowbird in winter, upon the death of my husband who had suffered from pancreatic cancer for one and a half years. It was surely a challenge for me as a caregiver and with prayers and concerns from loved ones I was able to prevail.  Thank you dear friends.

A Special Birthday Gift

Cross #: 17.3266
Name: Kris

Panama, NY
A birthday gift from my good friend-I love her!!!

A Giving Heart

Cross #: 17.5035
Omaha, NE
I received this heart just this weekend as I manned a booth at a Christian music festival for the organization that I work for – a homeless shelter. A man came up to our booth and we began to talk about our mission and how our work is not only to give them food and a safe, clean bed but to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. A colleague and I invited him to come down and see how this all happens. He left our booth but came back about 10 minutes later and gave us each a heart, saying that he had been carrying them around in his pocket until he found the person who should have them, and that was us. I love the way that the Lord works to inspire complete strangers to remind us that we are all a family – in Him. Can’t wait to see who He has me give this to.

Program of Faith

Cross #: 17.3257
St Petersburg, FL
I am struggling with how to get motivated to develop a program in my church as a Faith Community Nurse.  The nurse who asked me to help with the program moved away shortly after we started and I do not seem to be able to have enough interest to get going with anything.  I was going to do some Wednesday evening programs but our new Rector has taken all of that time for classes.  I am considering doing a women’s workshop with the Answered Prayers Project.  I think it would be a great start for me if I can only follow through.