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We encourage you to share your personal story about your cross and how it came into your life. It is through the sharing of these stories that true healing begins. By registering your cross we can track the journey it makes and the lives it touches. When you decide to pass your cross along to someone else in need of Christ’s love, have them register it as well and you can easily order a replacement here: Online Shop →

Mustard Seed of Faith

Each cross is finished with a mustard seed. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

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Healing Prayers

Cross #: 18.113
Earlville, IL

My very best friend just sent me this cross, we both need physical healing. pray for us.

Pray For Mother’s Healing

Cross #: 19.4128
Lees Summit, MO
My mother has been diagnosed with recurring cancer. My wonderful coworker sent me this cross. Please pray for my mother’s healing and strength.

A Sister’s Love

My sister law sent me one of your beautiful bags and a ceramic heart. I think what you’re doing is wonderful. I’m looking so forward to reading your book.  I just lost my mother and I believe this will ease my pain tremendously ,

Thank you for all you’re doing, its an inspiration to all of us.

Reminder To Feed Others

Cross #: 17.5151
Lithia, FL
I attended the 2019 Spirit FM Women’s Conference and received a cross as a gift. When I looked at it, I had a vision of a women in my Welcome retreat group standing at the foot of the cross and it just struck me to give it to her (her son recently survived a serious health issue). When I gave it to her, she showed me a photo she had taken that weekend of her standing at the foot of a giant cross in Michigan!
I selected the piece I am registering (a fish) to add to a handmade holiday tree (that i keep up all year) that my 3 grown girls gave me. They add ornaments to it each year. I like this one because it reminds me to not only feed others in need, but to also plant the (mustard) seed and teach them to fish for themselves, like I think I did for my girls. I also purchased many of the crosses and art pieces for my girls and niece’s – one has registered hers already :) God bless you for this amazing ministry!

Healing Mercies

Cross #: 19.4145
Hudson, FL
My husband and I moved to Florida recently to be closer to family, after loosing a child. A girl from my small group recommended we come, she had found healing at Answered Prayer. Here we found fellowship with each other in our group, and others we had just met. Sharing a meal is always a comfort. Busy hands calm the mind, good conversation feeds the soul….we will be back.

Given With Love

Cross #: 19.2470
Largo, FL
Suzanne from TOPS (Taking off pounds sensibly) Weight Loss. Gave me this pretty art with a heart art. She does all things with love to me. She is genuinely sweet, & would never be anything but that to me. All she does is done with love to me. She has been such a weight loss inspiration to me. :) Thanks to her inspiring weight loss, I’ve reached my normal BMI weight goal. :) Thanks Suzanne. Thanks for doing ALL you do with love to me. :) May God  Bless you.

Thank You God

Cross #: 15.3919
Woodstock, GA
I am giving this cross to my wonderful small group leader and friend, Tracy. She is one of the most amazing ladies I have ever known-she shines the light of Christ everywhere she goes to everyone she meets. She is genuine, caring, thoughtful, selfless-I just cannot say enough good things. She has changed so many lives for the better even as she has faced hardships in her life. She always puts others first.
I am giving this cross to her in memory of her son whom she lost 2 days before Christmas this year. In the midst of grieving his death, she has remained faithful and has turned this time of sadness into a time for sharing the love of Christ to those who knew and loved her son.
I love you, Tracy, and I am so glad God brought you into my life.