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Mustard Seed of Faith

Each cross is finished with a mustard seed. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

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Co-Workers Are The Best

Cross #: 15.2125
Mary Beth
Port Richey, FL
I received my cross after attending the Spirit FM Women’s Conference, 2019. I attended with a group from my church and there was a presentation about Answered Prayer Project. A few weeks later I was going through a very difficult time at work, and my co-worker and friend had received a cross several years ago and we also attended the Conference together. On the most difficult day for me she realized it was my turn to receive this cross. It made all the difference, when you are feeling anything but love all around you, and then to be presented with this gift of pure love, it made me stop and count my blessings, and one of those blessings was her!!! Thank you Susie! I Love You Too!!!! Xoxoxo

Neighborly Love

Cross #: 17.4PO
Valrico, FL
My sister recently attended the Catholic Women’s Conference and  passed this cross to me when I was searching for a heartfelt gift for a neighbor undergoing cancer treatments.  I am passing this cross to them with prayers for God’s love to surround, comfort, and give them strength through this trying time.

God’s Got This

Cross #: 19.592
The Villages, FL
I am now a 74 yr old women, I started having seizures at the age of 70. Only since this last Women’s Conference in Tampa
have I come to the realisation that this health issue is totally in God’s hands not mind. Today’s homily also stated Luke 17:11-19 and prior reading John14:1 has given me peace,  joy, and trust that God has my soul, my hand..He is my light. I have passed this cross onto another friend who has developed breast cancer stage 4.

Sharing Love With Sister In Law

Cross #: 17-5120
Palm Harbor, FL
I attended the Spirit FMs Catholic women’s conference and heard about this special  project. I saw this simple green cross and thought of my beautiful sister-in-law Linda! She has the Holy Spirit with her and always spreads The love of Christ. As she begins her next chapter and moves back to her native Gloucester, Mass. I lift prayers for a joyful future

Let Go And Let God

Cross #: 18.751
Dunedin, FL
I received this fish from a dear friend who is leading a women’s Bible study at our parish. We have become close spiritual friends over the past months. I have been hospitalized for 3 weeks, with spinal cord swelling causing a paralyzed leg and other medical problems. I have been struggling to completely surrender my current situation to God, but I shared my struggles with this and other lovely friends. God has showed me His love through all these people who are supporting and praying for me and my family during this challenging time. I know God has been placing these people in my life and encouraging me lean in to my parish community, so I would have these friends to lean on. “Let go and let God”.

A Friend’s Support

Cross #:  15. 7825
Pittsburgh PA
I was given a heart from a friend in support of my dream of becoming a successful author. Unexpected twists and turns (and, probably, fear and weakness) sidetracked me from being what I want to be when I grow up. The dream and my faith have waned along the way. I need help. I know there are more important prayers. But I offer up joy for a lifelong friend, thanks for a special gift, and hope for my future.

Family’s Love

Cross #: 17-3111
Palm Harbor, FL
I recently attended the Spirit FM Catholic Women’s Conference and when I visited the”Answered Prayers” table- I knew that the Celtic Trinity heart was meant for my beautiful Aunt Rita. She had just postponed her own breast cancer surgery to care her dying brother and his family. Prayers are now lifted for her healing from cancer and from her grief. I am so grateful for the faith passed on in this family and the strong women that are banding together to help each other and their communities