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We encourage you to share your personal story about your cross and how it came into your life. It is through the sharing of these stories that true healing begins. By registering your cross we can track the journey it makes and the lives it touches. When you decide to pass your cross along to someone else in need of Christ’s love, have them register it as well and you can easily order a replacement here: Online Shop →

Mustard Seed of Faith

Each cross is finished with a mustard seed. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

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Cross #: 16,6481
Mullica Hill, NJ
I received this cross from a beautiful woman, Lucille, who has recently had to suffer the loss of her husband and battle cancer.  She is a faithful, loving, strong woman.  Lucille passed this cross to me on December 30, 2018.  My husband has been suffering with cancer and I have a daughter that has been through a lot and is suffering anxiety and loss, as well.  I am so grateful for woman like Lucille, who are so faithful and share that faith.  I will continue to pray for Lucille, her family and mine, and I will pass this cross on as soon as I am able.

Thank you and God Bless!!


Cross #: APP 16.6147
St Petersburg, FL
As a new widow the few times I visited answered prayers I found the experience encouraging and a chance to find strength in community. The witness of faith so many shared gave me a new purpose.


Cross #: APP18.616
St Petersburg, FL
I recently lost my partner and I am struggling with living without him. A long time friend gave this to me.


Cross #: 15.2703
The Villages, FL
I am 71 years old, a follower of Christ since my childhood, a Kindergarten teacher, wife, mother, widowed at 50 years old. I have been writing inspirational poetry since the age of 30. I was given this cross by my massage therapist. I Share this little poem of encouragement with those reading this.
God’s Eyes
God’s eyes run to and fro
Searching throughout the earth.
I know this for a fact!
He sees the ways of men,
Their each and every act.
There is no dark place, no shadow,
where evil doers can hide,
And nothing in all creation
Can be hidden from his sight.

Creator of all that I see,
It’s a wonder to conceive
That the eyes that saw my unformed body
Deep within my mother’s womb
Can’t see my wicked ways
And sentence me to doom.
Instead, the blood of Jesus
Has made me pure and clean,
And in your eyes I stand… pristine.


Cross #: 15.6905
Calimesa, CA
My friend of over 30 years lives in Florida. I’m in California. She sent me the cross due to my recent diagnosis & surgery for lung cancer. I will cherish it always.

Baby Blessing

Cross #: 19-57
Redington Beach, FL
We have been praying to conceive a healthy baby this
Month . We will know the good news feb 22 .

At The Foot of The Cross

Cross #: APP 17.5214
Boynton Beach, Florida
I am still writing my story…. I hold on to God and pray and wait…. many wrongs have been done and I don’t understand the purpose nor see the end in sight. I see those that cause the wrong go on and live well while I struggle with the repercussions … yet I wake up and smile and move forward and I know were it not for Jesus holding me, carrying me, encouraging me or sustaining me I would not have made it this long.

We often forget we are on His time
Schedule and all we must do is keep on going and hold on to His promises and wait ….. He is our judge and redeemer and friend and will not leave us if we hold on to Him and place our stories of pain and disaapointment at the foot of the cross…..