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Mustard Seed of Faith

Each cross is finished with a mustard seed. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

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One Day At A Time

Cross #: 16,6481
Woolwich Township,NJ
My cross was given to me by my friend Kathy. She knew I wasn’t feeling well and struggling with anxiety and depression. I have prayed to feel better and to keep going on in life, even though it is hard at times. I take it one day at a time. I’m so thankful to Kathy and her thoughtfulness to pass this cross on to me. I hope to pass this cross on to someone that may feel the same.


Cross #: APP  14.3815
Clearwater, FL

I prayed for my family to be together. They are now. Some are still troubled and we pray for them. We believe the cross helped. I passed it on.

Be The Light

Cross #: APP 18.2148
Lithia, FL
As we go on life’s journey, sometimes we are hit with challenges that knock us down so hard that it’s difficult to get back up. We try to grasp an understanding of how such evil, betrayal & injustice could ever occur, & how we can forgive while suffering such incredible hurt & pain from it all. Then God sends His special love through friends, family & even strangers who unselfishly show you such great kindness & compassion & we are reminded that there is still such goodness & beauty in the world. I received this cross at a women’s faith conference where we were reminded of how much God loves us. From the people who worked so hard to put on the conference, to those who attended, we were surrounded by true servants who live out the love of Christ for others. We were reminded to have faith & trust in God, even when it is hard to get back up. Just as Christ had fallen several times carrying the weight of the cross, He trusted in His Father’s will & love which gave him the strength to get back up. We were reminded as we stood in the ashes of our own pains, to look up at the cross & remember how much Jesus loves us. As we go through life, focus on looking up to heaven for our hope. Just as others shared God’s love to us, we in turn can help lift the cross for others, let them know they are loved & be the light of Christ in this world as He lives in each of us.

Life Is Tough And So Am I

Cross #: APP 16.8345
Hudson, FL
I was seriously injured as a flight attendant. My disc was on my spinal cord. I had surgery but mentally was not ready to go back to work… I resigned and started having seizures. my seizures are not epileptic… Well I am not working and have no money… later, i was injured in a motor vehicle accident… Now I have several disc herniations. The surgeon said I am to much of a risk for surgery. i may find that i have a hard time swallowing from surgery. Right now I am out of work and no money… the cross caught my eye when i saw: LIFE IS TOUGH AND SO ARE YOU… I am not one to like the color of orange but my best friend who is heaven now is a lover of orange. This is my reminder of her.

A Father’s Love

Cross #: 17.2762
Odessa, FL
Although my father was a great man, he never really realized how much he meant to me.  Our relationship was good but not close and I always longed for closeness with him.  Years passed, I hated all of the things that got in the way of us really getting to know each other better.  Then 3 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer.  He did get the treatment and was cancer free, but the side effects didn’t go away and he did not have the quality of life he once had before cancer.  He couldn’t eat real food, he didn’t have the energy to golf as much.  However during this time, because we were both up early in the mornings we would call each other.  I knew he would be home those mornings and he almost always answered.  It soon became our routine to talk a couple of times each week to say good morning and really talk about life:)  We enjoyed our morning conversations for 2 years before cancer took over again.  I know that God gave me those two years before he died, to heal the past.  I will always cherish those morning talks and miss the conversations and him very much.  So grateful for Gods ways of healing in our lives, I prayed for that closeness for years and he delivered. Thank you God!!