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Prayers for Disease

Cross # 16.7852
West Harrison, IN
My sweet sister passed away almost 4 years ago from breast cancer.  My brother was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer.  My husband just had a biopsy for prostate cancer.  Cancer is an EVIL EVIL thing.  I don’t know who gave me this heart.  It was on my desk this morning at work.  I will pray on it that my brother’s cancer never comes back and that my husband doesn’t have cancer either!  I will pass this along in time but right now I sure do need it!  Amen.

Seeds of Love

Cross #: 11.10901
Oskaloosa IA

I purchased 10 crosses at a youth rally from Elizabeth whose beautiful soul drew me to her booth. This is my last cross to hand out to someone who needs our prayers. A friend needs prayers for her son and his family as they are going through a tough spot and could use some positive vibes being prayed over them and their family. The wife just recently joined the church, renewed their wedding vows in February and just told all of the family she wants out of the marriage. Everyone is blown away and have no clue as to what is happening; they have such a strong faith and I am praying over all of them for answers and for love to prevail for this family to stay together. Thank you for your help and prayers in planting the seed of love.


Cross #:14.4171
Orange City, FL
In 2010 I had a hysterectomy to remove ovarian cancer. I declined chemo and chose a holistic protocol called the Gerson Therapy. It was a lot of hard work but I am grateful for being able to regain my health. Most of all, I am grateful for my Lord Jesus Christ, who paid the debt of my sin so that I can spend eternity with Him! He continues to walk with me on this life’s journey. He is my Life, my Hope, my Joy, my Peace! I received this beautiful cross at Faces Of Courage camp for cancer survivors. My cross says, “HOPE”. Hope is confident expectation or absolute certainty in the promises of God.

Best Friend

Cross #:14.3115
Alpharetta, GA
This cross was given to me by my best friend of 25 years, Nancy, who has been “Jesus with skin on” to me through life’s trials. God bless you my sweet Christian lady.

God’s Love

Cross #: 18.987
Carol Ann
Orlando, FL
I can’t imagine how humans thrive and flourish on this earth without a personal relationship with Christ.  I came to know Christ at an early age growing up in a Christian home.  Over the years, I have discovered what it really means to have a RELATIONSHIP with Christ…not just an intellectual understanding, but a deep, heart-anchored certainty of His love for me and how much I can trust Him.  I have learned through several deeply painful periods of my life that there is no certainty about anything in this life except the love of my heavenly Father and that He always wants and offers what is best for me, regardless of how much I ask Him for what I think I want.  The world is so very full of darkness and despair, futility and fear, greed and violence.  As a follower of Christ, my greatest role is to be His light into the world around me.  It is to live in such a way that others ask what enables me to be so calm and certain.  Prayers are answered every day in my life.  I don’t always see how or when God has answered them.  But I do know that if I ask, He will answer.