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Mustard Seed of Faith

Each cross is finished with a mustard seed. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

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Cross #: 11.11007
Greensburg, IN
Barb, a nurse I have known & loved for years gave it to me before I had a breast biopsy. Her thoughtfulness & this got me thru a tough time. And prayers were answer as everything came out fine.
I kept it with me – on my desk or in my purse – for the past year+ and brought it with me when I visited my mother (fighting cancer) for the past year. She lasted longer than we all thought and had such a peaceful end surrounded by our whole family I feel her prayers were answered too.
Thank you all for providing this & thank you Barb for sharing.


Cross #: APP 19.166
Powder Springs, CO
The Joy of the Lord is my strength!!!!!

Trust in the Lord


Cross #15.2527
Starke, FL
I have given dozens of these crosses to people that I have met throughout the years. And, I ordered a particular cross because someone I admired was retiring after 30 years of Public Service. My path crossed his because I am a Mitigation Specialist/Investigator and I assist attorneys whose clients are facing the death penalty. My job is to find reasons that a person’s life is worth saving and the presentation is in front of 12 complete strangers. I never thought about it before writing this testimony that it is like 12 apostles. Well, I told my story to Elizabeth and she in turn sent me my cross ” “Trust in the Lord” This has such deep meaning that Elizabeth had no way of knowing that God used her as a vessel to keep me going! I feel blessed to have this cross and will cherish it for its special message.

God’s faithfulness

Cross #: 17-1482
Clearwater, FL
I am just grateful for God’s faithfulness. Even through the trials, He is guiding me toward His purpose for me. I pray for all the wounded hearts and the wounded bodies that this cross will come into contact with. May they know His peace and His comfort.

Granddaughter’s love

Cross #: 182251
Tampa, FL
This September I attended my first Catholic Women’s Conference hosted by Spirit FM. Over 1200 women attended, on each table of 10 women there was one angel. I was the lucky winner who could take the angel home! With all the commotion I didn’t pay too much attention. Later that night at home I looked closer and noticed the mustard seed on the back. I instantly thought of my grandmother, the mustard seed was her favorite symbol of faith. Though she is in heaven today, I still feel a close connection to her. As I turned it over to see the front all I could think of was how I wished she was here to know my children. My oldest daughter is named after her, and she has the same feisty spirit. At that moment, I couldn’t help but smile when I read the message on my angel: “I really really really miss you!” I truly believe there are no coincidences in life, just God being busy with us.

Mother’s sorrow


Cross #: 18.1069
Haddon Twp NJ
On July 8, 2009 I was upstate at a medical hearing in support of my pediatrician that helped me raise my five children. At that time my eldest daughter Brittany was 33 yrs. old, residing in CA, my son T.J. was 31 yrs. old, happily married, a police officer and fireman, residing a few blocks away, my next daughter, Caitlin was 23 yrs. old, away at college, my next son, Timothy was 21 yrs old living with his girlfriend and my youngest daughter, Siobhan was 17 yrs old, residing at home and in high school. I received a phone call from T.J. while at this hearing and he was questioning his relationship with his wife because she did not want children, which he knew before they were married, and he wanted children. I reminded him that he knew that and he should talk to her. He was overtired from working non-stop and not sleeping well. I told him to also stop by our house and talk to Dad. He called four more times and we talked and I said I would stop by and see him when I got home. I finished the hearing and called my family to let them know I was on my way home. I could not reach any of them. Which was not unusual. I thought I would stop by T.J.and Nicole’s and see how they made out talking. When I pulled into the driveway, their neighbor on the right side of their house ran out to my car screaming, “didn’t you hear”, didn’t anyone call you”. The neighbor on the left who worked at the prison jumped into my car and asked me to move over and he will drive me to Cooper Hospital that T.J. was shot. I asked what happened and he said T.J. shot himself and when I asked if he was alive, John just kept saying let’s just get there. When I reached Cooper Hospital there were at least 50 police officers there all crying and my husband and youngest daughter came up to me crying saying T.J. died. I went in and asked to see him, I cried and prayed for strength for my other children while consoling T.J.’s wife who was blaming herself. I constantly said, “no it is no one’s fault but T.J.’s”.  The next week, while all the firemen and policemen gave him a beautiful tribute, that he really didn’t deserve, we cried and all supported each other as we had our meltdowns, told T.J. stories, and dealt with our pain. That is my cross to bear everyday I wake up and realize he’s gone. We all keep him in our conversations, we come together for his birthday. We keep his memory alive. My Iove of my family and my friends constantly helps me through each day. However, I wait for the day that I see him again. He was a great husband, son, brother, friend. He loved everyone, was a comedian, and loyal to his brother fireman and police officers. Life has not ended but is changed for me. I stay close with my other children and support suicide prevention for police officers. This seems to be a common problem for this profession. Here is an image of my son.