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Mustard Seed of Faith

Each cross is finished with a mustard seed. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

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Jesus’ Love and Mercy

Cross #: 19.1966
Riverview, FL
Divorced of 43 yr marriage happened 7 mo’s ago. After waiting, reflecting & prayer I was led to give my clay❤️that says “Miss you” to my spouse Rick along w a pic of our wedding day in bag of mail (he didn’t change his address for many things) our son is meeting his dad for a 4 x/yr dinner 11/11/19.   Rick sorely needs to know Jesus’s love, mercy and healing for his stone ❤️.  Don’t know the rest of the story yet but I do know many bible verses supporting why I told Rick “I love you & want you back home.”

Mother’s Love

Cross #: 18-1529
Palm harbor, FL
This beautiful heart is for my daughter Rebecca and her fiancé Ashley. Wishing these 2 selfless women all the best in the world

Sister’s Love

Cross #: 18.369
Coconut Creek, FL
My sister Kathy, generously gifted my daughter and I with a purse and heart with a mustard seed.  For our respective families, 2019 has been truly a difficult year with it’s losses and challenges.   Similar to the mustard seed  Kathy’s faith never swayed, yeah, that’s my sister !

Selfless Love

Cross #: 17-3267
Clearwater, FL
My boyfriend’s mother gave this to me after we had spent the weekend together. She had flown into Dayton, where I attend the University of Dayton, picked me up in a rental car, and driven us all the way to States College, PA where my boyfriend, her son, goes to Penn State University. After the weekend ended she drove me all the way back to school. There was nothing more I could have asked for. She was so selfless to drive me all that way to see her son that we both love so much. I am very grateful for her and all that she has done for me.

A Friend’s Journey

Cross #:19.2470
Largo, FL
A dear friend gave me this beautiful Art With Heart, heart, to share my testimony with. I’m very thankful for her thinking of me in such a wonderful way. Thank you Suzanne! :) You’re such a beautiful person! :) She & I go to a weight loss organization. She is so inspirational to me because she has reached her goal, & I’m almost there. :) With her inspiration, support, & accountability from the organization, & God’s strength, I will get there too. I prayed to God to lead me a weight loss solution that woud finally work for me to take off my excess weight & He led me to this organization. With their help, support, & God’s strength I’ve lost almost all my excess weight. Tried & tried to do it on my own w/o God’s help, but it never worked. I’m living testimony that if you give it to God, anything & all is possible. :) I thank Suzanne, the org. & God for my faith, trust, & belief in Him that got me to where I am in my weight loss journey today, & together we will reach our goals! :)

A Friend’s Love

Cross #:18-2911
Tampa FL
I received this cross from a dear friend who is my daughter’s mother in law. She shared this piece with me and I’d like to share my story. I’ve had brain cancer twice. It was in 1998 and again in 2003. It was difficult to grasp the possibility that my life was likely to be shortened. I had to rely on God’s unending love and am still here today to let others know how blessed my life has been. I’m sure that God has good things planned for me and have been sharing his love and grace ever since. Thank you for sharing this cross with me.

A Friends Love

Cross #: 14.6619
The Villages, FL
I received The Mustard Seed Cross March 2015 at The Emmaus Retreat Tampa, Fl. This particular retreat was powerful, overwhelming and Christ filled in all God’s Glory. Until now I did not know whom I should pass it onto…A dear friend “Barb” has been painfully hurt by verbal abuse. She is so warm and with a beautiful loving heart. With even the Faith of a Mustard Seed; God will carry her across the waters.
The attached pictures are of my daughter Tami and myself when we were at the Emmaus Retreat.
Sincerely in Jesus Christ.