Sewn Together

Sewn Together Program

Our mission is to equip low-income women with skills to gain workforce opportunities while building a community of support, restoring their dignity and fostering hope through faith, cloth and clay.

Sewn Together is a no cost 12-week workforce readiness program designed to help women living in poverty become more empowered and self-sufficient by teaching sewing skills , personal development, and basic financial literacy in an environment that fosters community.

The women coming to Sewn Together have walked diverse and challenging paths; some are refugees new to the U.S., some are living in homeless shelters, and some have been incarcerated in the past. They have all experienced the degradation and disparity of social isolation. Sewn Together meets their needs on all levels by taking a “whole person” approach to workforce readiness by actively building community and emotional support in order to help women realize their inherent value and rebuild their confidence.

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