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This 7 year old’s story is a gift that reminds us of the power of faith, love and answered prayers.

ayden“I know you meet many people and perhaps do not remember our conversation. We met at St. Paul’s Women’s Retreat. I shared with you about a cross my grandson received. He is 7 years old. The cross says “LOVE”….his wish has always been to be baptized and receive the sacraments of the Catholic Church, his mother ( my daughter) has always said NO! She has turned away from God and it has been a struggle….but we have persisted in continuing to attend Mass, teach Ayden about Jesus and trying to live out our lives the way Jesus would want us to.

Well fast forward to this month when a serious medical issue hit my daughter. Without insurance and financial resources she had no choice but to turn to her family who she has turned away from. We took the giant leap of faith and told her we would help, BUT she must realize that her Grandmother’s greatest wish before she dies ( Mom is 85) is to see her Great Grandson baptized, to continue his faith journey. …..well Ayden is being baptized at St. Paul’s on APRIL 19th!! The day after the decision was reached, the paperwork was filled out Ayden took his LOVE CROSS to school! He wanted Jesus to be with him all thru the day. My concern was that the cross would get broken…..and his reply? Grandma if it gets broken it will be more pieces of Jesus surrounding me!”…..ahhh the innocence and love of a child! Now that I have rambled on, I just want to thank you for the part the cross has made in Ayden’s journey. He never forgot the Jesus loves him, even when his Mom said No!!

I am forever blessed, and I will see you soon at a potluck!”
Barbara Pace