Inspiring Hands

Inspiring Hands is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports women in isolated communities, both locally and abroad, by providing leadership training and business workshops giving them the skills they need to create their own sustainable cooperatives. Artisans are trained to create handmade bracelets using re-purposed materials and the sales from those items support the continuation of the program as a whole.

Our collaboration with Inspiring Hands has allowed us another great way to live out our mission to build community through faith, cloth, and clay. Through this partnership, we are able to open the doors to a new income-earning opportunity for local women who come into our studio and hand-make clay beads to be used in beautiful one-of-a-kind bracelets.

To learn more about this partnership, or shop Inspiring Hands’ products, visit their website at or follow them on Instagram @myhandsinspire.

Sewn Apart

Sewn Apart is an environmentally and socially conscious fashion forward accessory company. Their flagship product is a bowtie, in honor of the founder’s grandfather. Bowties, and other items, are made in a way that engage the wearer and observer to ask questions. The bowties are made from old clothes as a statement about how much society wastes, clothing and otherwise. Sewn Apart makes new fashions out of old fashions and diverts textiles from a landfill by taking one of our most wasted resources – our clothes – and transforming them into new designs. Sewn Apart serves marginalized women, both in production and the consumer. They employ women from APP’s Sewn Together Project who are reintegrating into society after difficult situations and serving a gender fluid population often left out of mainstream marketing. Thus, we make items by women to empower them, for women to empower them.