About Us

Answered Prayers Project (APP) is a 501 (c) 3 non-denominational Christian organization which provides healing art ministries to women in the Tampa Bay Area. Since 2008, we have helped meet the needs of women and families by sharing God’s love, strength and hope through Jesus Christ.

APP was founded in 2008 by Elizabeth Bunbury as a clay-based therapeutic arts program and community building resource after overcoming a season of life-altering challenges and loss in her own life. Elizabeth believes that lives are strengthened and hearts are mended through sharing our personal stories. Before founding APP, Elizabeth received her B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Art from Skidmore College. Under her leadership APP has grown into a successful local business producing over 45,000 one-of-a kind clay crosses, hearts, and butterflies that have been shared in 50 states and 32 different countries. Each piece is hand-made and numbered, and APP has registered more than 3,700 stories of hope and healing on its website connected to individual clay pieces. APP has also proudly garnered local support through thousands of hours of volunteer work generated through the clay ministry.

Building on the success of the clay project, Elizabeth was empowered to propel APP to the next level. Through years of volunteering in homeless shelters, she knew there were many wonderful organizations in St. Petersburg providing lifesaving essentials, but very few resources in place to teach women employable skills to help them retain a job and provide a safe place for emotional support. That experience was the impetus for Sewn Together – a 12-week workforce readiness program that teaches sewing and personal development skills to women who are facing financial and emotional hardship.

Our Vision

Empowering each woman to reach her highest potential and make a positive change in her life and the lives of those she touches.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip low-income women with skills to gain workforce opportunities while building a community of support, restoring their dignity and fostering hope through faith, cloth, and clay.

These video testimonies capture just a small sample of the life changing hope that so many women have found through the Answered Prayers Project…