Finding a New Path

Cross #: 17.2558
Name: Lena
St Petersburg, FL
Hello, today I discretely received a cross from a staff person at the shelter I’ve been residing at for almost 3 months. It was such a tangible reminder of hope and encouragement that I desperately needed. I left an abusive marriage with my twin preschoolers and about a dollar and change in my pocket. Since that time my path to freedom, self sufficiency, and healing has been extremely slow. I’ve been on job interview after interview and still have not received an offer. I still struggle with feelings of worthlessness and fear as I wonder if we will ever get out of this cycle of abuse. These past few weeks have been exceptionally difficult because I don’t see a way out. I struggle with meeting day to day needs such as gas, meeting the kids’ needs, and lastly my own. I plan to keep the cross in our room to encourage me that Christ has not forgotten us. Being on the fringes of society is a place that I never thought I’d arrive. I am an educated professional who now receives a measure of public assistance for my children. Please remember my family in prayer as we struggle to break free and live abundant lives. God bless.