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The Purpose of the Cross


Each cross has a unique purpose. Sharing your story on our website begins its journey of hope. Your cross will remind you to listen to your heart and to open your heart to others. One day, someone will share their story with you. You will know your cross is ready to continue its journey.


If you hold on to your cross, it will become just another thing, in a life full of things. As your cross is shared from person to person, the stories will be shared on our website. We will witness this hope move around the world, from one heart to another.


From a lump of clay in St. Petersburg, Florida, your cross can have the power to change lives through faith in God’s hope and love. The cross and the shared journey reflect a life filled with this spirit.


Let the journey begin…


Sometimes we are the woman making the cross, sometimes the one receiving it, and sometimes we are the woman in need.


She made a cross…


short-testimonies-1  Leaving APP gives me such a feeling of personal fulfillment and a sense of God’s love.  During the time we make each cross, it is something individual from each of our hearts. I’ve met so many nice ladies and formed friendships that might have never happened if not for APP. On my 45 minute drive home, it’s a great time to reflect on what I’ve just been a part of ~ I just soak it in…
– Lori


She received a cross…


short-testimonies-2A sweet friend and mother of a little boy with HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) passed this cross along to me, another “heart mom,” after her son recovered from his second open heart surgery. This cross was sent to me a few weeks before my son, prenatally diagnosed with congenital heart disease, was born. I am so honored to have been sent this cross and I pray that it brings my son and family blessings as it has hers.
– Angela


And she received a grant from APP…


short-testimonies-3APP has given me wings to survive another day.  I am amazed that there are people who would help me.  I was suddenly given my 4 grandchildren to raise, I “didn’t qualify for services” because I work a full-time job. APP stepped in when I needed childcare, held a “Virtual Baby Shower” (as I had nothing for these children) and paid my rent. They helped me not go under (literally & financially)!
I am thankful for their help. APP changed our circumstances & made a lifelong impact.
– Sheila

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Because all our prayers are answered on earth when we cross paths with each other.